What is Cub Scouts?

The Cub Scouts organization has been around since 1930, and is a part of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA).  Cub Scouting is for boys and girls in kindergarten through fifth grades.  Cub Scouts is a family-oriented program designed to foster and promote family relationships, respect for others, service, and personal achievement.  Most importantly it’s about kids and their parents having fun and learning, all in a positive, community environment.  The goal is to help develop well-rounded and well-adjusted kids, and if interested, get them ready to move into Scouts BSA by the time they leave fifth grade.

Pack Expansion for Kindergarteners and Girls

In the 2018-19 year and beyond, Pack 175 will expand in two ways.  First, we have added the "Lion" den for Kindergarteners.  More information on Lions can be found at- https://www.scouting.org/programs/cub-scouts/lion/.  Second, we have fully embraced and incorporated Family Scouting into all of our dens.   More information on Family Scouting can be found at https://www.scouting.org/familyscouting/

Pack 175 is SUPER EXCITED about these additional opportunities for Cub Scouting and we can't wait to meet all the awesome new Scouts that will join us!

How Does it Work?

Cub Scouts are organized by “Packs” which typically are based around a school or neighborhood.  Each Pack is then divided into six grade-specific “Dens.”  The Pack and Dens are run by parents and depend on other den parents to help organize and run meetings, events, and other activities.  

Each Den meets approximately twice a month, and the Scouts and their parents work on earning achievements that count toward rank advancement.  Den meetings also include games, songs, and age-appropriate learning.  Visit the BSA's Advancement Trail page for specific information on the six den levels and what they work on during the Scouting year.

In addition to Den meetings, there is also a monthly Pack meeting attended by all Dens and parents.  Pack meetings are for recognizing Cub achievements earned in their Dens, and include Pack-wide activities like games or sing-alongs.  During this time, news is provided about upcoming Pack events and parents can ask questions and offer suggestions.

What Does it Cost?

Cub Scouts is a non-profit group, with annual dues of $100, payable to the Pack upon registration.  This includes a subscription to the monthly Boy’s Life magazine, a Pinewood Derby car kit, and the cost of all badges and other achievements the Cub earns over the course of the year.

There are additional costs for:

  • Uniform (all components) and Handbook can run ~$130.  There are several options discussed on the Info page that will help reduce that amount.
  • Pack "Class B" T-Shirt is $15
  • Camping trip (to cover food) is $15 per person
  • The cost of our annual Spring trip averages $115 per person, but specifics will be discussed in Pack meetings.
  • Occasionally a den meeting will take place at a museum, Decatur High School football game, or other location where a small entrance fee is required.

Pack dues should not prevent anyone from having their child participate in Scouting, so please know that there are two ready options for covering dues.  The first and most obvious is our popcorn sales program and the rebates that your scout can earn.  Many of our families utilize their popcorn balances year after year to pay for dues, trips, and even donations to Friends of Scouting.  Keep in mind that your popcorn balance follows the Scout, and thus will transfer to the Troop of your choice when you cross over.  You may contact our treasurer to inquire about any existing popcorn balance and see how much can be applied to your dues.

The second way is through Atlanta Area Council scholarships.  Should you need to apply for a scholarship simply contact Cubmaster Dave to get you in touch with the correct district executives at the Atlanta Area Council, and their simple process will pave the way to every Scout having an opportunity!

Pack 175 History and Culture

Pack 175 began in 1955.  We are chartered by Decatur First United Methodist Church.  We are proud of our association with DFUMC and Troop 175.

A majority of our events are on Sundays at our Scout Hut in the back left corner of the Glennwood Elementary School campus.  Pack meetings are at 3pm, and Den meeting times are specific to each den.  But all meetings are typically on Sunday afternoon.  Sorry, Falcons fans.

Pack 175 seeks to reflect the best of Decatur and its residents.  All are welcome.  At each meeting we have a blast and "turn it up to eleven" every chance we get.  We get out in the community and we "do our best" to be ambassadors for Decatur.

Troop 175

We are proud to be affiliated with Boy Scout Troop 175 (for grades 6 and higher).  Troop 175 was chartered in 1943, and has produced at least one Eagle Scout per year since 1949, for a total of over 250 Eagles.  Amazing!

See www.troop175.com more information.